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Bladestorm Escalation League

Bladestorm Escalation League

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    Some of you have expressed concerns about this upcoming league. A few had some issues with the packet which I will clarify in this post but a majority of you had an issue with "Legacy " running an event like this based off it's past involvement in leagues which I can address but only you can decide whether you want to give me (Gregg) a chance at running this league. So for the packet part. Inviting a member for points can only be done once per league cycle.(sorry that wasn't fully explained in my packet) Posting pics or a battle report may only be completed once per week. There will be 3 winners of the league. Best commander (best win/loss ratio of continuous play) Best hobbyist ( most points in buulding/painting models/units) Best sportsmanship( taken by a vote at the end of the cycle) League days restarts every Friday. You don't need new or unpainted models to participate in this league. Now for the other part. I understand in the past year there was another league that may have burned you on rules/prizes promised .etc I can't fix that. What I can say is give me a chance. I'm promising a tiered prize support and a 50$ gift card to my players. In addition a tight fun rules set with weekly updates that will highlight your games and your painting and.hobbyist skills. Based off the past you may have lost all faith in leagues ran by this store. But I'm asking you to let me rebuild it. -Gregg

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